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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gee! Wish I'd wiped down the microwave before taking Mr. Scotty's picture!!! He is made from wool from a pattern whose designer I will credit in a minute. I'll have to track down the pattern, as I downloaded it from a blog a few weeks ago, and I firmly believe in giving credit. The designer made it from felt, but as I mentioned, I made mine from reprised wool and needed to add seam allowances so that it would not turn out emaciated because I was using his girth in seams. I think he's quite the charmer!

This guy makes me laugh every time I look at him! Maybe it's a face only a mother could love?! He's quick to make from a glove, those kinds you can get for a buck a pair. Here's what to do:
Push the two middle fingers and the thumb into the glove, and, on the right side and by hand, sew the resulting openings closed (use double thread throughout these directions)--the index finger and the pinkie will make his dorky little ears. Then go inside the glove and trim off the unused two fingers and thumb 1/4 inches from stitching--you will use the two fingers later.
Next, go to the cuff of the glove, and inside, on the cuff only, trim close to the stitching (through inside layer only)so you can fold out the entire cuff part and make longer legs. Now, stuff the ears of the rabbit and then the body; how firmly you stuff him is up to you--mine is plump but soft.
Pin closed right where the cuff starts, and, using a running stitch, sew through both front and back, where cuff joins the rest of the glove. This will separate the legs of the rabbit from the body and allow him to sit comfortably. If you don't WANT him to sit, omit this step.
Now, starting at edge of cuff and through both thicknesses, cut straight up the middle to within 1/4 inch of the stitching you just did. This will divide the cuff for the legs.
On the inside, sew a scant 1/4 inch seam up one leg and down the other, leaving bottoms of the legs free for stuffing. Now stuff each leg. Stitch a running stitch around the raw edge of each leg, turn it in, and pull up, so the leg is closed. Knot securely, run thread through leg, and trim off where it exits the leg.
Now, find those two glove-fingers you cut off earlier, stuff them, sew closed as for the legs, and sew in place to the rabbit's body wherever you think they should go--you can pin them in place if you find that helpful.
Now, how you finish your goofy rabbit is up to you; if it's for a baby, it should NOT have button eyes, beads, or any other trim that a baby could pull off and swallow--embroider features instead. If it's for a grown-up, you shouldn't have to worry about this, but if you do, don't put them on! Every rabbit you make ( I KNOW you'll at least make two--what good is one glove? Michael Jackson fans should ignore this comment) should look different, as each is his own little person and they don't like feeling as if they've been cloned. How would YOU feel if you looked around and saw a whole hoard of people who looked JUST LIKE YOU!!!!???? Ooooh!! CREEEEEPY!!! Have fun with this. If you have kids ages seven and up, they can make these, maybe as gifts for their friends. These rabbits make good computer pets.