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Monday, November 12, 2012

Linda's Very Cute Cat Pattern

This is a very cute cat pattern:


Thanks for sharing, Linda!

Doll Club, October 17, 2012, Puyallup, WA

We meet once a month, USUALLY on the third Wednesday, at the Quilt Barn in Puyallup, that's pew AL up, WA.  Here are some dolls that were displayed in October:
This is Doreen's pretty little girl doll. Her boots are made Tyvek; didn't they turn out cute?

 These are Kathleens' Halloween dolls;they're tiny, only about five inches tall.
This is Karla's elephant. It's hard to believe he's made of cloth, but with a coat of gesso and paint, he becomes unclothlike! He is not finished in this picture. Karla painted him again and then finished him with varnish. The two dolls below were also made by Karla, from a Deanna Hogan pattern.


This is Doreen's troll. I'm sorry there are two copies of that one picture. I don't know how to remove photos once they're inserted!!! Anyway, we talked Doreen into letting the baby peek out; not sure if we should have done that!!! It's kind of strange-looking. Then we said, "She needs a zipper!!" and then we all cracked up, thinking that any little kid looking at it would think all women had zippers!!!  Do troll's have pouches? I don't know!! I guess we could ask Ute; this doll is made from one of her patterns.

Anyway, these were the pictures for October, 2012. Stay tuned for more doll pics from this creative group. Oops! I almost forgot someone that you've met before! Here's Screamer in his new Halloween Costume:

Shop Local


This is to remind everyone to shop local during the coming holiday season. There are many small businesses in your area that are trying to "hang on" during these tough times. They depend on holiday sales to remain solvent, and believe me, their smiles are wider than any you'll see at the "big box" stores!

There are also many craftspersons and artists who would also appreciate your business.  So keep that in mind when Black Friday, November 23, rolls around. If  there are businesses in your city neighborhood or your small town, that you'd really HATE to see leave, please patronize them, and then they'll be able to stay.