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Friday, February 4, 2011

Hitty House Gets Second Floor

Once I notch the other side, I can put the house on the bookcase where it will reside. Can't leave it on the kitchen table where it is now, and can't put it away till both sides are on!

Alabama Baby's Ears No Longer White

And I touched up his face some, too. Hair needs more work and he needs limbs, of course. One of my friends always finishes the entire doll before doing the face, but I never do that. I always finish the face first, so I know who it is I'm working on.

He's sitting on the fireplace, drying. Is that doll abuse?!

Beginning my Hittys' house

It's being made of foamcore board. It's light and strong.

Here's the bottom with back and side walls notched together. No glue at this point; I want to be able to do wallpapering and painting to the inside surfaces before I glue the walls together.

Here's a corner; you can see the notches.

The Shillinger Hitty Family visits the "construction site" and approves.

One of Ella Smith's Original Alabama Babies

No two dolls were the same. I want one!!