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Monday, August 1, 2011

What IS it about young men and dolls!!!!???? Every time I show one of my dolls (this was the cloth-over-vinyl head in the last post) to a young man (today's young man is 35), said young man says, "That is SO creepy!!!" WHAT?!?!? How can ANYONE say my dolls are creepy?!?! I'm sorry, but my dolls look sweet to me (except Screamer, perhaps, but even he has his own charisma). I asked him if he thought it was creepy because it didn't have a body, but he said, no it would be just as creepy WITH a body.
More than one person has said Screamer's Cute Baby is creepy, too, and hard as I try, I just can't see the creepiness there!

Someone explain these guys to me, PLEASE!!! Have they just seen too many "Chuckie" movies? Does it creep them out to see faux humans?! I just don't get it!!!