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Friday, March 5, 2010

More Good Things

Well, I must say I'm on a roll. Not only did I (1. )buy a new rhubarb plant and plant it (in an old tire, so it is above ground level and will drain well--I think my last one drowned), but (2. )I signed up for 2 garden plots at the Community Garden in our neighboring town. Ours doesn't have one, shame on our city government.
I am going to plant only potatoes in my two plots, an idea given me by a friend who did that last year (Thanks, Jenny!). As a non-res, I didn't know I could rent plots there, so I'm glad she told me that, too, and I'm glad I signed up and took that task off my Things I Mean to Do List--it's pretty long, and now it's a little shorter. Yay for me!!!

Did a Good Thing

I was thinking the other day, how badly I would feel if my computer crashed and I lost all the pictures I've saved of old dolls, doll patterns, and my own dolls. So I copied those files to disks this morning.
Now I'm going to save my best photos to a disk, too. We are all at the mercy of our computers and we never really know when the next computer disaster is going to strike! So, do yourself a favor and save your best stuff to disks, so you'll have them, just in case!