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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hunger Site, click today!!

I receive this reminder from the Hunger Site every day. It helps me remember to go to their site and click to help various charities receive money; it doesn't cost me anything except a few seconds of my time.
This is your friendly Wednesday reminder from The Hunger Site:

Make a difference today!

Click on the yellow button at The Hunger Site and give a

cup of food to the hungry at no cost to you:


Monday, April 25, 2011

Who Has Looked at My Blog, by Country

It's interesting to know where those who have looked at my blog live. I thought you'd find it interesting, too.  

United States 5,543

Canada 232
Russia 50
Malaysia 47

Canada 232
Russia 50
Malaysia 47
Australia 44
Netherlands 40
Poland 31
Germany 30
Sweden 28
United Kingdom 26

Shorebirds and Estuary Show at Six Rivers Gallery, Reception Friday, May 6

     This is a great show, and although it was originally my idea to have a show in conjunction with the Shorebird Festival, due to circumstances beyond my control, I have no entry in it. :>(
     If any of you would like a private tour of the gallery, please contact me and I'll oblige--it's a fun place and very inspiring. If you are an artist, considering joining our group. It's only $25 a year, and you can put items in our Gift Shop at no additional cost to you; if some of your work sells, the gallery keeps 20%. I have been a member for a couple of years now, and I've been very glad I joined this group. The other artists inspire me and keep my "creative fire" burning.

OK, Enough Dilly Dally-ing, Already!!

As some of you have mentioned, and others have probably noticed but been too NICE to mention, my Monday Clean Kitchen Table pictures have been missing, lo these many moons! But today, I am ready to take the bull by the horns and CLEAN THAT SUCKER OFF!! Stay tuned. I will add a picture later this afternoon.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bunnies and More: Latest Projects

Sock bunnies are easy and quick to make. Here are a few examples:

 This little guy was made from the sleeve of an old sweater:

This big girl has a bottle gourd, unpainted, for her head, and "dreds" made from strips of an old wool sweater that was felted in the washing machine. When I add her second foot, she'll be done, after patiently waiting a VERY long time.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Life Got in the Way

Sorry I have not posted for so long. My husband became suddenly very sick on March 12, and spent two days in the intensive care unit at our local hospital with what doctors determined was sepsis, an overwhelming infection of the blood. His liver had shut down and his kidneys, too. When his liver began to rebound, but his kidneys not, he was helicoptered to a hospital in Seattle on March 14th. He spent another day in Virginia Mason's Critical Care unit there, and was then transferred to a regular room where he spent six more days. He is recovering well and has been home for ten days now. It was a completely terrifying episode for all of us, and we feel lucky to have had a good outcome.
   Needless to say, we were both exhausted from trying to sleep in beds that were not ours, in a city that was not ours, and to be engaged in routines that DEFINITLEY were not ours either. It took several days of virtual hibernation before either of us could function anywhere near normally, but we are getting there.
   Naturally, during this time period, making dolls was not something on my mind, but I did get to see how integral creating is to my sanity, and it has been nice to get back to doing just a little in that vein in the last week (once sleeping ceased to be the most important activity in our lives!)
    Last Sunday, my friend Karla and I had a sock bunny class at the local Popcorn Shoppe to both draw people to our friend Celia's shop and to earn a little money for our struggling gallery, which had a fire in January (Can you say "five hundred dollar deductible"? Ouch! December 2010 was our best month, followed by January 2011, our worst month!)
   The class was very successful, with about 20 people attending.
Here are some of the bunnies made there:

Here was one of my favorite pictures; as you can see, one bunny turned out to be a dog!
I have made some bunnies myself  this week, and tonight finished a penguin I started quite awhile ago (remember you voted: penguin or owl?)> I am also almost  finished with  a gourd-head doll also began a long time ago. I will post pictures of those projects soon. It's good to be back!!