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Monday, February 22, 2010

More dogs

If you know anything about dachshunds, you will know that they love to burrow in blankets. Ours like afghans, because they can still see out. Ours do this every evening, year in and year out, but in the winter, on cold days, they burrow in the day, too. Grace, the red one, is less a burrower than Wiener, the black one, or Poki, the dapple. They are also very fond of our natural gas fireplace and will leave a lap when they see the fire come on.
I am working on a doll for an auction (see Cici's auction on The Fisch Tank), so will have a pic of that soon.
I'm also making six cowboy boot quilt blocks that I'm mailing to TX today. Will show pics of those later, too. AND I got 12 JoAnn's 1999 quilt blocks (BOMs) for 25 cents each at a rummage sale last week, on the SECOND day, no less. I've basted about four of them together while watching The Olympics. Pics to come.