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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dolls by Quilt Barn Doll Club Members, Puyallup, WA

 We meet on the third Wednesday of most months (not November or December) at The Quilt Barn in Puyallup. Here are some of the club members' latest creations:

This first one is "Shorty," by Kathleen McCloed; she used a pattern by Ute Vasina:

This is what I call a "scrap doll," made from very small amounts of fabric and no pattern:

This is an "altered Barbie" by Stephanie Block:

These are a couple of my "Earth Men"; they have dried roots for hair:

The picture below is "Tree Lady" by Stephanie Block. We all made this project. Mine is a Tree Guy, and I left him on the front porch all winter! I still have him, though, and I'm sure he will get a revamp in the future:


One of our newer members made this cute doll pin, but I forget who made it!!

This cute little elephant was also made by Stephanie, but I don't remember whose pattern she used for this:

 This dancing couple is felted and made by Stephanie as well. Next month, we are all going to felt something:

These are dolls Kathleen made:


This is a funny little sock doll I made to give away with The Toy Society: 

These are "reborn" dolls made by Stephanie:

These dolls were made by Doreen:


The little dolls below are Kathleen's:

These two dolls were made by Karla and the elephant, too:

If I'm not mistaken, I belive this is Doreen's fish, but Kathleen made some, too, so I might have them mixed up. Either way, this fish is very handsome.


I wish I remembered whose pin doll this is!! Several of us made them, and I know it's not mine!!
I believe this is Karla's giraffe, but again, I'm not sure as about four people made this muslin giraffe. This one is ready to be painted.

I KNOW this is Karla's wooden chef!!

Stephanie's "steam punk" walrus: