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Friday, December 16, 2011

Well, This IS Embarrassing!!!

I was making this little doll for the Toy Society's World Wide Christmas Toy Drop but I unwittingly fell in love with her!!! And so, I am going to give her to myself for Christmas.
     She is made from such small scraps, that most people would have thrown them out--or given them to a real ECCENTRIC like me. I don't know why I love her so much; I just do.
      Her head is one of those high-bouncing little "SuperBalls." I tried just centering the ball in the middle of a square of sweater around the ball, but didn't like the effect, so I sewed a little longer  piece of sweater to make a rather large "thumb" shaped piece.  It was just large enough for the ball to fit easily in the end, without stretching the fabric much.  Then I tied off the head part snuggly, and stuffed the rest for her body. You can pretty much tell how I made the rest of her. The orange embroidery thread hair is partly what charmed me, and the ribbon was the right touch. Just a short time ago, the ribbon shoulder straps were sitting in a Joanns in Olympia. I bought 3 spools of it.
   And so my doll collection increases by one more doll. Now I need to finish a couple more dolls for the Toy Drop, to appease my Guilty Conscience!!!