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Friday, January 6, 2012

Done At Last and in the Show!

      Well, I am happy to announce yet another project finished! I am SO MOTIVATED by deadlines, even if I usually miss them, but only by a little.  Luckily, I am also blessed to work with folks who tend to work with my disablilities and give me a little extra time to finish. It's sort of like having a 504 Plan, if you're familiar with educational jargon.
       Here is the finished doll, in her undressed state:
      I considered putting a wig on her, but decided that I liked her just fine as a little baldy. I will buy her one of those cute little girlie headbands that mom's buy for their bald daughters, to keep people from saying, "What a pretty little boy!" At a future time, she will probably get more weight, longer legs, and bigger feet, but for now, she is going to the show just the way she is.
      Here she is with her outfit on:

     I bought her outfit yesterday, before her body was completely finished, so I was very happy at how well everything fit. You can see that the "hair" on her head is very light--I wanted it that way. I painted small sections of her scalp at a time, and wiped off most of the paint. I liked the way it turned out.
     Here she is at the galley, between a couple of very interesting art pieces:
She is holding a little booklet that shows what she looked like at the beginning of this project.  She has been a lot of fun to make and I thank Judi Ward for generously sharing her technique of cloth over vinyl which I used for inspiration.