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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Amazing model car photos


Another picture of Poki. She's been with us a week now, and we are experiencing what it's like to have a younger dog, again. She is into a lot of things: my yarn, my teddy bears who sit in a child's wicker rocker, etc. I bought her a little soft elephant at a rummage sale today, and am trying to convince her that the teddy bears are MINE and the elephant is HERS.
Despite her recent broken legs, she can jump into our bathtub all by herself.

Doll has New Home

I sold one of my big Alabama Baby dolls yesterday. When they were shown at the Gallery last spring, I wasn't ready to give one of them up yet. But when someone indicated interest in this one, I decided I was ready to say goodbye and send her on to someone who really loved her. Not that I DIDN'T love her, but I have others and will make more, so I didn't NEED to keep her. So today she lives with Carol, who had a hard time making up her mind between this one and the other two.

Poki is Settling In

This is Poki, our rescued doxie; she has settled in pretty well. Poor Grace is not used to all this roughhousing and seems to have hurt her back. You can tell when a doxie's back is hurting-they sort of hump their back up when they walk, much as a person would lean over while walking with a hurt back.

Hopefully, Grace will become more fit soon, and not hurt herself when playing.

Saturday--I WILL CLEAN, I WILL! and TV & knitting

Today I WILL clean my sewing and knitting stuff out of the living room!!! I WILL!! I PROMISE!!! This time I MEAN it. Really, I've GOT to do it--I've had it at the top of my TO DO list for two months!! At the end of every day, I'm disgusted with myself for not doing it, and I'm tired of that feeling. Tonight I will retire with the satisfaction of knowing I finally faced this task and completed it!!
I finished half a helmet liner (for the military) last night while listening to my Friday evening schedule of PBS shows: Washington Week, NOW, The Journal with Bill Moyers--I really like these shows and I can knit or sew and listen. I don't look at TV much, just listen. As a child of the radio era, it seems normal for me. Of course, I DO look when I need to--some things you have to see.