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Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Step a Day

I decided that if I can't paint the steps right now, because of the weather, I can at least WASH one step a day. I'd have done all of them on this cold but sunny day, but I was already tired from painting the mailbox and before that, going on my first bike ride in about two years. So I washed the bottom step--hopefully you can tell the difference.

Tomorrow, I'll do the next one up. I think there's eight of them, so by a week from tomorrow, they should all look better, and I can quit feeling bad because they look so awful. I meant to restain them before winter, but unfortunately we had snow in fall and everything seemed to "hit the fan" after that first snow, and I was behind on my fall chores from then on.

The moral of my story is that if something is bugging you, making you feel bad,  and you can't fix it the RIGHT way right then, try to find another way to make it at least a little better. You'll feel better, too.

And here is one of my first crocuses today, opening to the sun. Isn't it pretty, and it promises spring will come.