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Friday, February 26, 2010

Her Former Husband

This is her former husband, and she was the same kind of doll before her "makeover." I passed the pair three times before it occurred to me that I could use them. He looks a little sad now, seeing that she has become a sophisticated lady.

Another doll I'm making

This doll is half of the unfinished pair I bought two for a dollar at a quilt store's closing out sale. She was kneeling, and had a flat face. I added thighs and upper arms (one I forgot to stuff!), and a molded mask-under-knit face.
At first I thought she might be a he, but once I began painting her face, I could see that she was a she alright. Face isn't quite done--she needs eyelashes and shading on her ears. I haven't decided on hair yet. Since her feet are large, I think she will wear boots.

Sweet Grace

Lest you think I am a talented photographer, I will disclose that I take fifty pictures to get one like this.

Antique doll site


You can see many pictures of many old dolls at this blog. I am a follower of it now.

Art Fabric Mills Doll, c 1900

This doll was sold as a piece of fabric that the buyer cut out at home and sewed together; my friend Karen generously gifted me with it the other day and I was so glad to have it! Most of these you see on the market are very dirty, holey, and faded from years of loving by children, but this one is very clean and almost new looking. It was sold from about 1900 until the 1920s, I believe. If you copy and print out the front and back of the head on a fabric sheet like Printed Treasures, you can make a doll that looks much like the original, in just about any size you want. The original is about 24" tall and I am making a "clone" the same size, but I will also make some little ones. I will post pictures here as I make this doll.

unsubscribing: part of Life Simplification

Today I am unsubscribing from some of the newsletters/yahoo groups I belong to, but never read. Trying to keep stuff I don't want, don't read out of my inbox, while keeping the ones I love. Part of my Life Simplification Process, saving me from having to delete so much from my inbox every day.
I also delete most of what is forwarded to me, except for a few special people who seldom forward things, and I don't forward anything unless I feel it is truly worth it, and that's not very often. I especially don't like it when a person forwards several things to me at once. I would so much rather that they sent me a short note about what they are doing or thinking that day. I treasure my friends and want to hear from them.
Have a great day, my friends, and a wonderful weekend. Later today I am going to post some pictures of an old doll a friend sent me; it will be possible for you to make one from the pictures, so stay tuned!