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Friday, October 21, 2011

If you Agree that Corporations are not People

I don't know what those five justices were thinking!!?? Corporations have free speech?!?!? No. I'm sorry. In MYway of thinking, Corporations can't speak at all. They are business entities that exist mostly on paper.  PEOPLE work in those corporations, but the corporation itself is not a person and does not have the same rights as a person. Corporations are mostly about money, and although some people say, "Money talks." I have never heard mine say anything, and I've never heard a corporation say anything, either.
   If you would like to help Movetoamend repeal this stupid decision, and put corporations back where they belong, as businesses not people, go to movetoamend.org/motion-to-amend and sign the petition.
   I promise I won't bring politics up often on my blog; I only bring this to your attention now because I think it is so important.