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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cloth over the PaperClay Shouldhead Now

You will laugh when I tell you what I used for her cloth overlay. I wanted the thinnest knit fabric I could find, so I went to my underwear drawer and found the rattiest, thinnest, most worn pair of underpants I could find. They were pretty shabby, but just what I needed to use on this shoulderhead.

I use a brush to spread Elmer's Glue on the head, making sure to get the glue in every crack and crevice. Then I lay on the fabric and stretch it just a little where it needs to be to lie pretty flat. I trim off parts of the fabric, and make the cut piece lay against the adjacent piece as well as is possible.

I will use gesso next, perhaps a couple of coats will be necessary, and sand lightly in between coats, and after the final coat.