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Thursday, December 17, 2009

My First Viola Ruth

This is a small Alabama Indestructible Baby Doll, designed by Deanna Hogan (Blue Heron Dolls) as part of a challenge of the Antique Cloth Doll Yahoo Group; the original Alabama Babies were made by a lady back in the early 1900s--I've forgotten her name at the moment--as a more child-friendly doll than the china-head dolls of that time. I have made bigger ones from directions in a doll magazine, and I've made smaller ones by shrinking Deanna's pattern (tea cup Alabama babies, if you will). These are cloth dolls with a molded mask under cloth, and are a lot of fun to make. This one now lives with my 93 year old mom; another one the same size lives with my friend Joanie, and I have a one the same size that is still undressed, several big ones that wear vintage baby clothes, and the little tea cups, only one of which is partly dressed. As you might have concluded, I like making the dolls more than I like making their clothes.