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Monday, December 28, 2009

Grace is home!

Grace is home and sleeping now. She is pretty good to stay quiet when she needs to. Poor pup, she just had back surgery in August. Now she will have a scar on the topside and the underside. Actually, the topside back surgery scar can't be easily seen now, but it sure could at first. See pic. She is now one expensive doggy!!

I guess I was wrong! and My Dogs

Toys are still being dropped! Perhaps until New Year's Eve? Here are the latest places: Seattle, WA, USA; Winslow, Maine USA; Stockton, Ca, USA; Columbia, South Carolina, USA; Boulder, Colorado, USA; Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
Our dog Grace is in the hospital today for teeth cleaning, hernia repair, microchip, and toenail trimming. As long as she's "out," might as well get everything possible done!! I hate leaving my babies at the vet, but sometimes it has to be done.(sigh)
In a few weeks, our dachshund population will grow to three; we are adopting another female mini who was hit by a car and had her two hind legs broken. She is still recuperating in foster care and will have another surgery to remove the external metal brace from one leg, and to be spayed. I will ask them to put a microchip in at the same time, too. Her name is Poki, short for Pokahantas, and both Wiener and Grace liked her when we took them for a visit last week. I'd like to visit her again this week, but with Grace having surgery today, and DH having surgery tomorrow (and having to return for Xrays on Wednesday), the only day we could visit would be Thursday, New Year's Eve, and I think Poki is visiting foster mom's relatives with her that day. So it looks as if we'll have to wait until next week.