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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Green Knitting Project is Finished

And I was only a couple days late mailing it off, too, which is VERY GOOD for me! I worked hard to get it done, too; I am trying to be better at FINISHING things; I am already good at STARTING things. I paid $2.15 for the sweater pictured above, and used most of the yarn to knit the bag at right. Because it was for another knitter, I lined the bag so the knitting needles wouldn't poke through so easily. I designed the bag myself--it actually started to be a scarf and then I decided it was WAY too wide and thick for that. So I changed in midstream and decided it was a bag. The swap was with The Green Knitting Club at SwapBot.com I haven't received my package yet, but I am very much looking forward to getting it. I hope Sara likes the bag and that the USPS delivers it safely to her!