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Sunday, April 14, 2013

"Linda" is 120 years old!!

   Yes, you read that correctly. Linda is 120 years old and still working. What!!?? You don't BELIEVE me? Well, it's true. Linda is a Singer Sewing Machine, made in 1993, and she still sews a smart seam. As you can see, she is a handcrank, purchased about nine years ago in Victoria, BC from an Ebay seller named, you guessed it, "Linda." I usually only name sewing machines if I know the name of the previous owner. For those of you, for which a name is not enough, she is a 128K, VS3, made in Killbowie, Scotland in 1893. The way I know this is that Singer has a "Dating Site" (no, not that kind!!) and if you can find the serial number on your machine, they can tell you the date the batch that your machine was in, was ordered. .
I feel as if Linda deserves some sort of celebration this year. I mean, there are not too many things, even machines, that still work well at the age of 120. I will have to think about doing something special for her. Our county fair has a special category for items sewn on an "antique" sewing machine and in 2011, I won a big ribbon for a sock monkey I sewed on her.
This year, in light that she is celebrating this big birthday year, I think I will bring Linda herself to the fair, not just a picture as I did in 2011. I think she deserves to be there this year, maybe wearing a birthday hat?