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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pillow Case Dress for Little Dresses for Africa

   Started a little dress from a pillowcase today. Worked on it when I was away from home, so I basted a binding strip from the armhole cut-out fabric from two pillowcases. It's all ready to sew down with a sewing machine now, and one pass will sew both edges of the binding. Then I will fix a front and back casing and put 6" of elastic in each. The only suggestion I have from their directions is that you do the casing AFTER the binding of the armholes, instead of before. I will have Eagle Eyes for pretty pillowcases now. There are lots of them on sale this month.
      Disclaimer: the picture of the five little dresses above is from the Little Dresses website; I didn't make them, but aren't they pretty? I've been invited to show a Girl Scout troop how to make them.