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Monday, September 6, 2010

Hitty Beatrix has Arms!!

"It's ABOUT TIME!!" she says!! "Egad!! Barb is the slowest dollmaker in the ENTIRE WORLD!!! How long should a doll have to WAIT for arms? Underwear? Clothing?"
Yeah, I KNOW!! I hear it from ALL my dolls!! And I KNOW I'm slow, so there!!! Besides, her bloomers are half made, just waiting for Beatrix to get her paint sealed before trying them on and adjusting the waist. And her dress is done, too, except for snaps and hem, so she hasn't waited NEARLY as long as some of my dolls have. She doesn't know how LUCKY she is! There are dolls in my basket of UFOs that have been in there for YEARS--some are only heads, waiting for bodies, let alone clothes.

Big Doll In Progress

Not sure if anyone will like her except me!!! Her head is a gourd, and she can turn her head (with a little help from her friends). I'm calling her Josephina and her Dress of Many Colors.
This doll is very relaxing for me to make, as I can do anything I want to her, and she's not difficult or challenging. I like to make difficult and challenging dolls but now and then, it's nice to make a simple, relaxing doll.