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Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Penguinees have arrived!!

I got this idea from a kids' craft site. They made penguins from wooden eggs. I had purchased these speckled plastic eggs as doll heads, perhaps. They weigh almost nothing, and are the right color. But when I thought of the wooden penguins I saw, I thought of tiny little "Penguinees" that I could make from these tiny (1") eggs.
My very first mistake was marking them with a Sharpie marker. My acrylic paint did NOT want to cover it: Note to self: use pencil next time.
I painted them black and white and added orange beaks and feet of DAS paper clay.....
.....then I  considered whether they HAD to have wings. I decided they did. I made little wings out of DAS Paper Clay and painted those black. I glued them on will Super Glue, trying valiantly NOT to glue my fingertips together.
I assembled them and decided they were good. I added a loop of some shiny string stuff to the top of each head, so they could be ornaments, if desired. I heated a needle and poked a hole in the top of each head so I could glue the loop's knot into the hole.

Now all that remains for this batch is to spray them so they are nice and shiny. On the next incarnation of Penguinees, I will sew their wings on, so I made the wings with two small holes at the top and poked two holes in the Penguinees' sides as well.
When I have sprayed them and they are dry, I shall add a photo of them hanging on their tree. They will be for sale at Six Rivers Gallery in Hoquiam, for $3.50 each.