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Monday, January 25, 2010

The lost is found!!!

I am SO happy!!! Last night I found the Round-Robin-Doll-in-a-Bag I'd been looking for so hard for the last two weeks!! I went to a doll class and the owner of the doll told me it WASN'T in a brown paper bag like all the others were. It was in a green and white cotton bag. I found it in our entry hall, partially hidden, without even looking!
I felt like I had won the LOTTERY!!! It was terrible to have to tell Sandy that I had not found her doll yet, and it was the FIRST DOLL SHE HAD EVER MADE, too. I was losing sleep over this every night, trying to remember if there was anywhere I hadn't looked!!
So my wish today is for anyone who is looking for something lost: may you find it today, or at least very soon. The moral is: know what you're looking for; if you aren't looking for the right thing, you won't find it!! Have a good day/week everyone.