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Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's a Snowman Invasion!!!

Only one snowman is finished, and I'm sure you can tell which one that is. These are fun and easy to make: just get a jar, paint the inside white, allow to dry, fill halfway up with sand, paint a styrofoam ball white, glue to top of jar. (The short snowman is an old-fashioned light bulb, covered with PaperClay.)
I made the noses with PaperClay, and I poked a toothpick up inside them while they were still soft, (and then removed it). When the noses were dry,  I glued a tooth pick inside each one, and painted the nose orange. 
When the paint was dry, I  put a little glue on the back surface of the nose, and pushed the toothpick inside the head. Using a toothpick inside the nose takes a little longer, but you will be rewarded with a nose that will not break/fall off easily.
Do the rest as you choose. Some of mine have cloth hats (toes of socks make great, no-sew hats), some have mouthwash cap hats with margarine-tub plastic brims. You can also use premade straw hats, cowboy hats, etc. You can make neat hats out of felt, too. Or you can leave your snowman hatless. I like mine to have pink cheeks, so they look healthy! I like buttons on the front of mine--you probably noticed that.
Anyway, have fun with these! Do them with kids! Everyone will have fun.