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Monday, July 23, 2012

Another Post with Nothing to Do With Dolls

Today's goal is to clean off that darn kitchen table--you know the one I mean. I swear, it ATTRACTS stuff to itself!!! And it's not ALL my stuff, but I must admit that 90% of it is probably mine. So I am doing it thusly: 20 minutes of clearing off work, STAYING AS FOCUSED AS POSSIBLE DURING THAT TIME. I am still prone to wandering off task, but I am doing my best-est.
   On my alternating 20 min breaks, I am working on an art journal, and keeping up with my computer tasks: answering emails, posting on the blog (now), and I ordered a book online for my nephew, too.
   I DO hate sorting through stuff; if I could find a way to get someone else to do it for me, I would! But no one else can tell the difference between Stuff I MUST Keep and Stuff I Can Let Go, so I have to do it myself.
   It helps to pretend that I am moving in a month. That keeps me focused a little better. It would be truly terrible if I had to move quickly, so I try to be grateful that I am NOT moving and that I have TIME to do this task. The trouble is, it's often a quickly-closing-in-deadline that motivates me best, and not much else does.
    Off the subject, but I just thought of something I wanted to share with any readers who are aspiring writers. Steven King, yes THAT Steven King, has written a really good book on writing. It's about half memoir and half writing advice, but it is supremely readable and it's got good advice. So if there is an author lurking inside you, get this book and read it.
    Well, the bell is about to ring, summoning me back to that wretched table so I must go. Hope to have a lovely photo to post before I lay me down to sleep tonight.