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Friday, June 27, 2014

Root-Haired Dolls:

When pulling up a weed in my backyard, I noticed that it looked just like hair, and so I made this doll.  I called him "Earth Man" because his hair had come out of the earth:
This is how he looked before I dressed him:

There;s not a lot to him. His head is DAS paper clay and his body is made of chenille stems; I wrapped his hands and legs in pearl cotton. Usually I use embroidery floss but I didn't have any the right color.

I took him to doll club in Puyallup and all the ladies wanted to make one, so I began saving roots from the hay I was pulling up in the garden (see Gardeningbyhand.blogspot.com).

Here is one "group" picture of the dolls they came up with:
Here is another:
And two more: one howling and one looking inscrutable:

And another group:

                                                            And this smiling person:
This one is a bit scary:

While this one is serene:
And two more-- one singing and one listening:
I can't wait to see how they'll all look when finished!!