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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tuck Comb Doll from James Orem

This is a wooden doll, carved by James Orem. He is retiring from making dolls as he has neuropathy; it will be a loss for doll lovers and collectors, as he makes very lovely dolls. I am lucky to have two of his dolls, the latest pictured above. She will get an outfit sometime in the future, and I have not yet named her. I am trying to think of the female version of "James" as that would be appropriate, I think.

This is a "tuck comb" doll (called that because of the hairdo), and I can identity one on sight but really don't know a lot about them. They were made of wood, with the shape of a Queen Anne doll (small waist). I saw one just recently in the Rosemarie Whyle Doll Museum in Bellvue, WA. Sadly, the museum is closing the end of February, 2012, so if you are planning a trip to the Seattle area between now and then, please do stop in and see the dolls there. They are wonderful, especially if you are interested in historical dolls.

My Somewhat Lackadasial Salute to the 2011 NFL Season

I'm not much of a football fan. I hate it when football boots the national evening news on my favorite network. That said, some of my progeny are diehard Seahawks fans, and so this is for them, although they don't read my blog, I'm SURE.