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Monday, January 2, 2012

Sister-in-Law Nancy's Tilapia

He's quite pretty for a dead fish!! She wasn't sure how to go about eating him, but once she started with her fork, he wasn't hard to eat:

My Friend Nancy's "Fiorella"

     Nancy says, "She's about 20 inches tall in her heels (painted wine cork glued to her feet). Rita and I decided on Fiorella for some reason. Rita is a writer and wildly imaginative. But the original Fiorella is a third grader I met while volunteering in the school library. Just like the name.  I like her...she turned out colorful but earthy."
     I like her, too. Nancy's dolls always have such wonderful clothes; Nancy had James Christensen's book and said she looks at it for costume ideas. I bought a copy too, because I need help with ideas for doll clothes.

Ten Christmas Toy Society Drops, 2011, on a road trip to Bellingham (dropped a little late, on Dec 31)

Left in Mount Vernon, WA.
At Skagit Valley Hospital, Mount Vernon, WA.
South Evertte, WA.
At West Oly McDonalds, last drop of the trip.
At rest stop in Federal Way, WA.
At Samaritan's Counseling Center, at Mount Vernon Presbyterian Church, Mount Vernon, WA.
At Bow Hill rest top, near Bellingham, WA. This is the only drop where I actually saw a lady approach the drop and look at it. Then she left without taking it. Then another woman approached it, but we were just leaving the area, so I didn't see if she took it or not. Sometimes adults are observed finding a toy but not taking it. I think they want to leave it for a child to find, but they are welcomed to take it for themselves. Many toy drops are found by adults who are as excited as kids when they find a toy. Some of them are so taken with the concept that they go on to become Toy Society members themselves.
At Mount Vernon Presbyterian Church, Mount Vernon, WA.
At Silver Lake rest stop, near Lynnwood, WA.
Another drop at Skagit Valley Hospital, Mount Vernon, WA.

As always, I hope that those who find my toys are kind to them--one member saw her toy tossed into the street by a couple of teenaged girls. I hope that this doesn't happen often, as all of us hope our toy brings a little bit of joy to someone who needs it. I also hope that some of them report their find to the Toy Society as the note inside asks. It's so exciting to go to the Toy Society site and see that someone has found your toy. This has only happened twice for me, but it meant a lot! Last Christmas, a mom posted a pic of her little boy who found one of my toys in a grocery cart at a local supermarket. She said he was SO excited to find it! This is why we do what we do.
Happy 2012 to everyone. Keep an eye out for my toys!!