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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hitty's Room Grew

Now it's got an attic. I don't think it will get any bigger now. I hope it won't be too heavy to hang in the gallery. I don't really want to set it on a table.
I think I will leave the sides as they are, so people can see what forms the base of the house.

A Room Box for the Hittys

Hitty Anna and Hitty Beatrix are going to be in the Fall Show at our local co-op art gallery (Six Rivers Gallery, http://www.harborartguild.com/ ), and so I needed to make some sort of a display vehicle for them. They are small dolls, about 6.5" tall and can't be just set on a table like you can do with a larger doll.

So I am constructing them a room box, that can be hung on the wall. I bought a wooden box at a garage sale (putting up with DH's scowl and, "Why do you want THAT?!?!!?") and I've "lined" it with foamcore board. Now I get to decorate it, and furnish it for them. I have a lot of Hitty furniture, so the only hard part is deciding what KIND of a room it will be. Maybe an art gallery?!?