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Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Night Well Slept

Poki slept down by my feet all night, just where her foster mom said she likes. Grace sleeps up at the top, so they don't conflict. Wiener sleeps in his own bed on the floor until morning, when he climbs in bed on my side--then our 14 yr old big dog Daphne comes in and takes Wiener's place in the floor bed.
LaMont did not put up the bag of food Poki came with and Daphne got into it during the night, so Poki had most of her breakfast off the floor this morning, while I picked up the rest. The food is now in a jar on the counter, safe from marauders like Daphne.
I put the bed stairs down by the dog couch this morning, and Poki learned immediately that she could use them to get up there. She also learned to use the dog door right away, too. I showed her once, and that was that. She's smart.
Grace's nose was seriously out of joint yesterday; she kept glaring at Poki, but Wiener has accepted her and Poki has twice initiated boistrous play with him. Grace will come around; she's just used to being the only girl baby around here and doesn't like sharing the spotlight.