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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Moving the Composter

I have a little plastic composter purchased from the county, and it has a little door in the bottom where you're SUPPOSED to be able to pull out finished compost. But it is VERY hard to get any out, so I just move the whole thing every year; it's really easier that way. I just lift it up and there remains a formed pile, with nice compost on the bottom and unfinished compost on the top half. So I drop the top half back into the now empty composter, sitting next to where it used to be, and the rest I can use now. I break up clumps while I drop it in to speed up the decomposition.

I also have about three garbage cans (holes in bottoms) and a couple wire enclosures with stuff in them, but if you don't aerate your pile regularly, it takes FOREVER to get finished compost. I would like to have a three part bin, so I could turn it, but so far haven't made one. The Master Gardeners had a three part compost system set up at the fair last year; it took 98 cement blocks; I liked it, but can't quite decide where to locate it, so haven't made one yet

The wire enclosures have been next to useless. They are vertical, and I'm thinking of taking them down and making a cylinder from the two that I could roll to aerate the contents. I think I need to do some research to decide how best to use this chicken wire.

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