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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gourd Head Doll Continued.

Just to prove that I'm not such a slacker after all, I wanted you all to know I am continuing to work on the long-neglected doll. I decided that the glue was dry enough today for her head to be returned to her body. Remember, when last I left you, her head was drying thusly:
I didn't want to just replace the head with the neck as it was, because I was still concerned that it would not be supported well enough by the loose batting in the torso. I did as I had planned, and wrapped stuffing around the stick and lower part of the gourd and tied yarn around it in a couple of places so that it would not slip off:

I have put the head back into the body, but evidently I didn't take a picture, so I guess I'll stop here and take a picture tomorrow. I also painted over her face, as I decided I didn't like the cartoonish look she has. Pictures tomorrow!!!!