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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Big Screamer is a Rocker!

He now has a Mohawk, and you can bet he'll have piercings, too, rocker-dude that he is. I'm going to start looking for a guitar for him, plaid shirt, ripped jeans, etc. This is getting to be fun. But that tongue needs to be shortened for sure--he looks like a cameleon after a fly!! And he'll definitely get some ears, too.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Big Screamers Mouth Lining and Teeth

I can't help thinking he/she looks like a big puppet or a small version of those big balloons that float about the Thanksgiving Day Parade!! Oh, well. It will be what it wants to be--that's my basic philosophy--sorry, Arlie Berryhill.

Big Screamer is Coming Right Along.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nose job

Big Screamer got a little work on his/her nose today; the eyes are covered with plastic wrap to protect them from the clear spray I use as a sealer. The heads take so long that by the time I'm done with them, I feel like making the body simple and fast. HOWEVER, I estimate this one will be close to four feet tall, so I'm got to think about this.
My friend Karla says, "Use PVC pipe." but I'm not sure yet. Heads are always my favorite part and I kind of run out of steam after that.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Largest Screamer I Have Ever Made.....

.....is in progress. He is very large; this time I used a styrofoam ball about as big as a round watermelon for his head. Screamer 1 has a gourd for a head and Screamer 2 (ie: Screamer's Cute Baby) has a hollow plastic ball (about the size of baseball) for a head (the ball was covered with PaperClay and cloth, after the hole for the mouth was cut out). Both of the first 2 Screamers have the plastic eyes that are used in porcelain dolls; this one has one of those clear plastic Christmas ornaments for eyes--the kind that pop apart--half for each eyeball. I painted them on the inside. That's fabric from an old cotton knit jacket I had for his skin, and PaperClay for his lips and parts of his nose; the center of his nose is styrofoam covered with cotton knit from an old garment.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Little Gallery: Done! Two Dolls: Done!

That's Hitty Anna, my first carved doll, in the red dress, and Hitty Beatrix, my second carved doll, in the green dress. The little gallery is done, and I decided it should have a bathroom upstairs. Beatrix is for sale, and the gallery is, also, but Anna has to stay with me as she is Numero Uno.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Hitty Beatrix has Arms!!

"It's ABOUT TIME!!" she says!! "Egad!! Barb is the slowest dollmaker in the ENTIRE WORLD!!! How long should a doll have to WAIT for arms? Underwear? Clothing?"
Yeah, I KNOW!! I hear it from ALL my dolls!! And I KNOW I'm slow, so there!!! Besides, her bloomers are half made, just waiting for Beatrix to get her paint sealed before trying them on and adjusting the waist. And her dress is done, too, except for snaps and hem, so she hasn't waited NEARLY as long as some of my dolls have. She doesn't know how LUCKY she is! There are dolls in my basket of UFOs that have been in there for YEARS--some are only heads, waiting for bodies, let alone clothes.

Big Doll In Progress

Not sure if anyone will like her except me!!! Her head is a gourd, and she can turn her head (with a little help from her friends). I'm calling her Josephina and her Dress of Many Colors.
This doll is very relaxing for me to make, as I can do anything I want to her, and she's not difficult or challenging. I like to make difficult and challenging dolls but now and then, it's nice to make a simple, relaxing doll.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Screamer's Cute Baby Has Fun

Screamer's Cute Baby is done at last! Here you can see him enjoying himself at the REAL art gallery. And you can see Screamer, his uncle, too, for those of you who haven't met him before.
Not everyone thinks SCB is cute; some have pronounced him "creepy," others think he's ugly. I think he is neither; I think he is CUTE, especially when compared with Screamer.

More Art Now

I added a couple of my photographs. Now all that is left to be done is to maybe add a piece of 3D art and maybe a plant. And the rocking chair, AND the Hittys, of course!! Haven't decided what to put upstairs yet. Maybe a built-in bed, and small nightstand??
OOPS!!! Anyone know how to REMOVE pictures from your blog?!!? Some of these pictures are BEFORE I added the photographs. Oh, well........

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hitty Art Gallery Has Art

Here is my little art gallery with some original art from my friends displayed. I've left space to add some of my own photography, too. Soon it will be done.

I still need to decide what furniture I want to put upstairs, make Beatrix some underwear, and finish the two Hitty's dresses, not to mention a coat of sealer for both of dolls.
I'm itching to begin carving a cedar Hitty from some scraps my DBIL gave me, but I can't do that until this project is finished.