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Friday, December 18, 2009

Only one more day until The Toy Society's World Wide Christmas Drop!! I would have called it "Holiday Drop" but they didn't ask me. I am excited, as last year at this time I wasn't a member, so didn't get to participate in this.I have 30 toys to drop and plan to leave them in as many different locales in Grays Harbor County as I can tomorrow. They are all bagged and numbered, but I need to put the Take Me Home labels in each bag and also the note asking them to report their find to The Toy Society. This is a street art project that began in Australia and traveled all over the world. I learned about it on another's crafty blog, and I was off. Wish me a dry day for dropping!!


  1. Sounds like great fun ! May the weather be with you.

  2. Thanks, RoseLady. It rained lightly the whole time, but for around here, that's good weather for wintertime. It could have been windy, with sideways downpour, and thankfully, it wasn't!

  3. You are one incredible lady! I can't believe you did 30 toy drops! Thanks so much for making such an ENORMOUS contribution to The Toy Society, I'm just so blown away.