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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Living room, Doll is Dressed, Olympics

Well, what can I say. I was doing OK on the living room, but have backslid, so am still dealing with it. No pics--it would be TOO embarrassing!!!

Instead, I will show my Hitty with her new dress. she waited a LONG time for this dress, sitting naked on a bookshelf. Her friend still is naked; will try to fix that soon. Somehow, this Hitty has sustained an injury to the tip of her nose; must have landed on it at least once. Will fix eventually--doesn't show much.
We abandoned our usual Friday night fare of PBS for the opening of the Vancouver Olympics last night. I thought the show was wonderful! I was amazed at the effects: the spouting whales were my VERY favorite, but the flying boy was very good, too. The sound left us about 11 times during the two plus hours, but was never out very long.


  1. "Backslid"? Sheeeesh. I think I'm not all that surprised. :-)

  2. Hi Barb...don't worry too much about the living room...Hitty and the Olympic are much more fun!