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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday--I WILL CLEAN, I WILL! and TV & knitting

Today I WILL clean my sewing and knitting stuff out of the living room!!! I WILL!! I PROMISE!!! This time I MEAN it. Really, I've GOT to do it--I've had it at the top of my TO DO list for two months!! At the end of every day, I'm disgusted with myself for not doing it, and I'm tired of that feeling. Tonight I will retire with the satisfaction of knowing I finally faced this task and completed it!!
I finished half a helmet liner (for the military) last night while listening to my Friday evening schedule of PBS shows: Washington Week, NOW, The Journal with Bill Moyers--I really like these shows and I can knit or sew and listen. I don't look at TV much, just listen. As a child of the radio era, it seems normal for me. Of course, I DO look when I need to--some things you have to see.


  1. All RIGHTY then, dear Cuz! Shall I call your DH directly or will you be replying here to me to tell me if you have accomplished that which you have set forth for yourself today? :-)