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Friday, February 26, 2010

unsubscribing: part of Life Simplification

Today I am unsubscribing from some of the newsletters/yahoo groups I belong to, but never read. Trying to keep stuff I don't want, don't read out of my inbox, while keeping the ones I love. Part of my Life Simplification Process, saving me from having to delete so much from my inbox every day.
I also delete most of what is forwarded to me, except for a few special people who seldom forward things, and I don't forward anything unless I feel it is truly worth it, and that's not very often. I especially don't like it when a person forwards several things to me at once. I would so much rather that they sent me a short note about what they are doing or thinking that day. I treasure my friends and want to hear from them.
Have a great day, my friends, and a wonderful weekend. Later today I am going to post some pictures of an old doll a friend sent me; it will be possible for you to make one from the pictures, so stay tuned!

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