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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Busy Day

Tuesday is our day to work the afternoon shift at the Clothing Bank. Today, I was the only one in the workroom where we unpack and hang/fold clothes; usually there are four of us. Luckily, it was pretty "caught up" and so I was able to deal with the one large donation that arrived shortly after we opened. However, later more donations came in, so there will be plenty of work for the Wednesday crew--wouldn't want them to have nothing to do!!! Ha ha.

The clothing brought in today was VERY nice, clean, folded neatly, and in shopping bags--shopping bags are a bonus, as we can pass them on to the clients; they're so much nicer than our usual plastic grocery bags (but it's nice we have them and can recycle them). Such nice clothing is a pleasure to unpack and hang, knowing that it will be much appreciated. The clothing we give away most are tee shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, and pants--those are what I like the best, too, so it doesn't surprise me. We give out a lot of bedding and blankets, too.

The clothing bank has been gifted with an Apple computer, so now, I am researching software available that be could used to keep track of the clients and the clothes, etc. they each get each year. Right now, all this compiling is done the old fashioned way, by counting the sheets, number of items, number of children served, etc. at the end of each year. The only reason we keep this information is that it is required when we apply for grants. We have to pay utilities and heat the same as everyone else, so we need cash at times. We also buy new underwear and socks. It would be very nice to find a program that would keep track of all this information for us, but I'm not totally sure such a program exists; I'm hoping it's out there somewhere and have about four companies to check , info I got from a book at the library.

Today I also found an address (two actually) for the wife of one of our WA state Fallen Heroes. So I was able to send a card to confirm her address and the wonderful ladies who are making the Home of the Brave Quilt for her will be able to deliver it. I have been the WA Coordinator for Home of the Brave Quilt Project for over five years now; finding addresses of families is the hardest part. When my back is against the wall, I pay $1.95 for information to an online search place; that's what I did, today. It's worth it, to be able to mail or deliver a quilt. Sometimes I still don't find the address, but often I do, and when that happens, I'm a Happy Camper!!

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