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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Sewing Machine I Won by Accident

Oh, boy! I did it again!! I mean, I WANTED it, but I thought when I offered the seller half of what he asked, I'd get a note that he OK'd it BEFORE I actually bought it. Nope! That's not the way it works; if you offer them less and they accept the offer, it's YOURS.

I'm not SORRY! It's a lovely little Spartan, not much bigger than a Featherweight, but weighs about twice as much!! I have a "thing" with old sewing machines, can you tell?!


  1. Oh Barb it is quite lovely. I can smell the fresh oil and hear her humming! I just love LITTLE machines. Joan E.

  2. I do too, Joan. I have three Singer Featherweights, which I love and sew on all the time.

  3. I had a Spartan and I totally loved it. And yes, just because they are small doesn't mean they are light and easy to transport! :-)

    My other old Singer, a Centennial 201-2, is currently at Quilt Harbor for a tension spring repair. I can't wait to have her back and sewing again.

    My husband is currently struggling with this Necchi I found to get it up and sewing well. I am determined to have an old metal zig-zag machine as I'm not a fan of the Singer straight-stitch zig zag attachments.

  4. I've never tried to use the Singer zig zag attachment, Kelly, although I have at least one of them. I DO like Singer's buttonholer, though. They make the best buttonholes I've ever seen, much better than ones I've made on newer machines. Now you need a treadle, Kelly. I have four--three are machines that belonged to our grandmothers (DH's two, and one of mine). And you should get a handcrank, too. They are WONDERFUL for sewing outside or inside during power outages. I took one camping once! I've lost count of how many handcranks I have; a few are original handcranks, but you can make an electric Spartan into a handcrank for about $25--it's VERY easy to do that.