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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Clean Kitchen Table, the Confessional, Motivation

Well, the kitchen table has now been cleaned off for THREE days, and I am patting myself on the back. I am FORCING myself to refrain from placing ANYTHING on its surface for more than a minute or two. I'd put a "BEFORE" picture, except I didn't take one. I DO have one from last November (yes, it has been cleaned off since then, but always reverts to the same dismal state in a day or two or three) that was very similar, but I'm too embarrassed to show it--just imagine a table piled as high as possible with laundry, junk mail, and assorted items and that will pretty much be an accurate image.

The reason I have a picture from last November is that I got so disgusted with myself for letting things get so cluttered and disorganized that I took a picture of every spot in the house that looked terrible. Then I put them in a notebook with a "Before" label on each one. I intended to systematically clean each messy spot up, photograph it, and label that picture "After." It was an attempt to motivate myself to do what I knew I should, and also have a record of how bad it was (probably not for public view, just for myself) so that I could look at it, see what I'd accomplished, and NOT go back to my old ways. The picture of my table will go in the book, as soon as I find it :>( .

I am making a promise right now that every Monday, I will post a new picture of this table (I'll put a small card with the date on it in the photo, so you'll know I'm not cheating, and I will put it on my Google Calendar so that I get nagged about it). If that doesn't make me keep stuff off this table, nothing will, I guess. I call this the DeGaulle Method, as when Gen. DeGaulle decided he wanted to quit smoking, he announced to his entire staff (immediately on making the decision) that he had quit; then pride did not allow him to return to the habit, as he would have lost face in the eyes of everyone. It worked for him. If I forget to post, you may also nag me.

For anyone else who tends to be disorganized, like I am, don't give up; find what works for you. If anything I do helps you, too, then hurray, and feel free to share your tips, too. Some people are so neat and organized they don't even need to THINK about it (how I ENVY you!!!), and then there's people like me................................................

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