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Monday, April 12, 2010

Six Free Balls of Pretty Purple Yarn, Gardening

At a rummage sale Saturday, there was a large purple sweater in the FREE box. I took it, w/o looking at it carefully, thinking if there was some small thing wrong with it, maybe I could fix it and donate it to the clothing bank where I volunteer. We are always short of clothing for large people, both men and women.

Anyway, on getting it home, I saw that it was badly faded (to a bright blue color) along the side--looks like it had been in a place where the sun shone through a window onto it. So it was no longer usable as a garment and I went to work unraveling it. I didn't try to cut out the damaged parts--I just rolled all into balls, and if the faded parts don't work in my project, I'll just cut the damaged parts out then--I mean, it just MIGHT work.

You just can't beat FREE yarn! And the landfill was saved from yet another piece of clothing.

Went out to my garden during a brief dry period today and killed many, many baby slugs. They had not partaken of the yeast bath I'd left them last night. I think maybe it's too early for them to want to have that....I guess. (Who knows?!) But I went after them with my 50-50 Ammonia/water mix--it dispatches them w/o killing your grass--use this, not salt! They also don't melt into a disgusting slimy mess either--they just dry up. They say for every slug you kill in April, you save yourself from 35 more in July! Considering that I LOVE animals, it pains me a little to have to kill them, but if I don't, I think they'd overrun my garden. I've seen them eat little sprouting plants right down to the ground. So I kill them to save my garden. Do slugs have souls?!

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