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Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Non HAIKU Poem

This postcard, I call it my Poop Postcard, was sent to The Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle in 2003, in an effort to get chosen in the ZooDoo Lottery; they said the person who pulled the names (Dr. Doo, I think they called him) was partial to haiku poetry. ZooDoo is the composted waste of the animals residing at that zoo and is said to be wonderful for gardens.
Notwithstanding my lovely poem, I did not get chosen (whimper, snivel) to win any ZooDoo. I think my husband jinxed me because he didn't want me to win. You had to shovel it into your truck yourself, and he wasn't very enthusiastic about that prospect.
Still, I thought I made a game effort and still enjoy looking at the postcard. The leaves, btw, were a gift from the lady that operates our streetsweeper; the next block over has horse chestnut trees lining it. ( I no longer think it is a good idea to have leaves from streets, but I wasn't as smart seven years ago as I am now.)

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