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Friday, June 18, 2010

Sixth Annual Girl Cousins' Reunion was so much fun!!

There were six of us this year, all of us within ten years of age of each other--I'm the oldest, my sister is the youngest. We had so much fun, again!! We rented the same beach house as last year. Cost us each $126 plus the food we brought--a very economical get-away for four days and three nights. The house is wonderful, has a view of the Pacific from the living room.

One cousin brought the movie Extraordinary Measures, which was filming last year when we were there (on the OR coast). We enjoyed watching it and were excited when the local scenes were shown.

It has taken us six years, but we have finally gotten the food down to a reasonable amount, so we are not lugging home huge quantities and yet still have more-than-ample amounts to graze on.

I had to wait in Lacey for my husband to fetch me, as he was doing Feed the Hungry and I didn't want my cousin and sister to have to delay their trip home just because I had to wait. So I loaded all my stuff into a Target grocery cart (see Screamer in the baby seat?) and made like a bag lady until he came to get me--about an hour and a half later. It was funny; I expected people to ask me what was up, but absolutely no one even made eye contact with me. I think they thought I was a real bag lady, or that I was crazy, or both!!! It felt weird to be ignored in plain site; I guess homeless people probably feel like that all the time--like they're invisible, nonpersons. Sad.

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  1. Sounds like a blast, Barb. I so glad you cousins got together. Hope it'll be something you'll do again and again.

    Thanks for your comment on my old people post. I agree with you completely. Funny how our culture's discounting of the elderly really becomes more obvious and outrageous as we start to get older ourselves.

    I enjoy your blog!