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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hitty's Legs are Half Done

I worked on Hitty's legs in the comfort of my folding chair, under some nice evergreen trees in the complex of doctors' offices near Capital Med. Center this morning. DH had a medical appointment, and that particular doctor's office has room for five chairs in the waiting room. It's claustrophobic in there; or rather, I'M claustrophobic in there!
Anyway, I had a very pleasant time working on Hitty's leg for an hour, out in the pleasant morning air. If you have a folding canvas chair in your car, it's like an Instant Mini Vacation to set it up wherever you happen to be and work on whatever project you want to.
The leg on the left is in its original state, how it arrived as part of a Hitty Blank Kit. The one on the right is the finished one (in case you couldn't tell!!!); now the trick is to make the second leg the same size as the first. I already carved another leg (not shown) that I could see didn't have enough wood to make it the same size as leg #1. Perhaps that's why they put an extra leg in my kit. I saved that one for another Hitty. I'm CERTAINLY not going to throw it out--I worked hard on it.


  1. My cousin is now trolling her large supply of body parts about public streets. Sheeesh.

  2. what a great idea! I never thought of a folding chair. I'm going to do that!!

    don't worry too much about making the legs identical. The Real Hitty has mismatched legs!