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Friday, August 13, 2010

My Painting Project

I have been redoing the small (former) bedroom, to make a room for some of my sewing machines, yarn, and a big dollhouse LaMont bought for a Christmas present for me a couple years ago.
It took three coats of that white paint to cover the royal blue that was on those shelves before!!
I haven't decided what color to paint the walls yet, or the table the little Singer Featherweight is sitting on, either. The table belonged to my mom and dad, and I love its turned legs. LaMont's reading light was on it before, but I traded him Donna's little shelf unit ( which she gave to me; thanks, Donna!).
I also need to paint the floor as it's all nicked and scratched (having not been painted for a LONG time), but that will be done AFTER the walls, as I'm one messy painter. (I know this will come as no surprise to my friends, as I'm messy at everything I do!!) I filled a few big gouges on the floor today.
I'm going to put LaMont's Grandma Jennie's treadle sewing machine in front of the window; it will be a good place to sew, and her 1923 Singer "Redeye" is my favorite treadle.

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