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Friday, September 10, 2010

Little Gallery: Done! Two Dolls: Done!

That's Hitty Anna, my first carved doll, in the red dress, and Hitty Beatrix, my second carved doll, in the green dress. The little gallery is done, and I decided it should have a bathroom upstairs. Beatrix is for sale, and the gallery is, also, but Anna has to stay with me as she is Numero Uno.


  1. Barb, the Gallery display and both your Hittys are really wonderful. I hope those touring the Gallery don't decide to use the restroom until that little gal is done bathing...LOL.

  2. Barb, the Gallery and your two Hittys are really wonderful. Hope no one touring the Gallery needs to use the restroom before that little gal finishes bathing...LOL

  3. Hey! Tall folk like this particular cuz will have to really hunker down to use that potty. :-)

  4. Did you build this house yourself or was it from a kit? My mother at one point expressed an interest in a house but she has very little space. This seems perfect for that kind of thing.

    Erin :)