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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Not Pleased with Big Screamer, plus Caroline

I've decided I'm not that crazy about Big Screamer. He looks like one of those T Day balloons in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade--you know: those big ones that float over the parade, on long wires?

So I'm rethinking if I can change him some way to make me like him better, or if he will reside in the "parts" basket until I think what to do with him.

In the meantime, I have acquired two sets of real dentures, and I think I'll try a paper mache head when I get the time. I have Dan Reed's Screamer books, and I think I'll try his method. I think maybe it's the huge eyes I don't like on Big Screamer, besides the roundness of his head. I want something a little less predictable.

And on another front, I finished a Hitty head/torso from a piece of turned pine, that was originally destined for a railing or something, I guess. I bought it at a yard sale. It was difficult to carve--it wanted to splinter every time I made a move, but I eventually prevailed:

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