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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Little Seamstress, Audrey

Audrey is five now, as of today, and here she is with the shiny little Singer Spartan sewing machine I gave her. She loves to sew, and a Spartan, with its motor removed and a handcrank fitted on, makes the best sewing machine ever for a young child. Please do NOT buy any child a plastic (or metal, for that matter) "child's" sewing machine. Nothing will discourage them more. Find a Singer Spartan and go to TreadleOn and learn how to replace the motor with a handcrank mechanism. It's easy or, believe me, I couldn't do it!! Once you have the spoked handwheel and the crank, all it takes is a screwdriver and about five minutes of your time.
Audrey's machine was made in Kilbowie, Scotland in 1960. I found that out online. Of course, the K in its model number already told me it was made in Kilbowie. That's what the K stands for. Its serial number is what allowed me to find out when its batch was ordered.


  1. Very cute ;) my mom collects old Singers... I believe she has 4? She uses them for quilting! Happy birthday to Audrey! I knew it was her birthday - I'm friends with Sarah on FB... I went to high school with her!! :) just thought I'd say hello. I've been enjoying your blog for a few months now. ~ Becky

  2. Nice to meet you, Becky, and thanks for dropping by! I noticed that there were a lot more Followers lately. Welcome and stop by often.