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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Life Happens, Again

My husband LaMont had emergency open heart surgery on Weds, May 25 at Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle. And yes, he got yet another ride in a helicopter.  We are wondering if he's set a record with two rides in ten weeks.  He had a HUGE aortic aneurysm with no symptoms;  if he had not had a routine echocardiogram that day, it probably would have most likely killed him before it was  discovered. I may be able to post a picture next week, as the thorasic surgeon's PA snapped a picture with her cell phone when they got his chest open. I saw it and it was unbelievable. My youngest (but grown) son wouldn't let me look until he looked first, but it was not yucky, just scary-big.
    DH is actually recovering from this surgery faster than he did the organ failure two months ago, as he was healthy when he went into surgery, except for the little fact of that aneurysm lurking there.
    We are hoping Life will resume its rather humdrum quality around here now, and that further drama will not intrude. That said, we feel extremely lucky that this could be fixed, and supremely thankful to the skillful surgeons who did the work, and the many nurses who cared for him afterward. How do you adequately thank someone who literally saved your life?!

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  1. I'm so happy to hear the aneurysm was found and fixed before it became an issue. I've had a few patients with ruptured aneurysms, and it's always a nightmare scenario (especially living in a rural area when the helicopters can't aways fly due to the weather).

    LaMont looks great, and I hope his recovery is speedy!