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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Reconstructing Miss Dolly Rock

I deconstructed the doll and now I am beginning the process of putting her back together. As much as possible, I will try to put her back together as she was before. There may be a couple small patches that I won't put on, as they didn't seem to be serving any purpose. I'm not sure I can force myself to sew the arms and legs on quite as crudely (and with string!) as they were done before. I will TRY but it will be hard to do it that way.

Here are some pictures to look at, of my progress so far:
It says "straight" on the inside of the cloth body. Anyone know what kind of product would be labeled "straight"?

The clean body is stuffed: I used an old clean cashmere sweater and scraps from my husband's undershirt that the paramedics cut off him when they took him to the hospital in March. He was rather sad that they had to cut his almost new shirt off, thus destroying it. I thought it would make him happy to think that his shirt might be inside this doll for, hopefully, another hundred years or two.

Head is stuffed with the same rags as before, but I washed them, of course. There were some pieces of undetermined fibers that I did not wash and did not put back in the head. I used the same tee shirt scraps mentioned above to round out the head's stuffing. I did save all the stuffing I didn't use; someone may be able to identify them down the road. I'm pretty sure that some is probably wool or some other animal fiber.

 Clean and stuffed "first head" sitting on parts of the old cashmere sweater I will use for part of the stuffing.

    Rather large seam allowance of "first head's" center back shoulderplate seam.

Cleaned "first head" positioned on body.
Lower front seam of "shoulderplate" sewed down to body.

Back of shoulderplate of "first head" waiting to be sewed down. You can see how uneven this piece is, but I left it as is, rather than trimming it, as I'm trying to be true to the doll as she was when I received her.

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  1. I think that the doll's body probably DID come from a tobacco sack, since tobacco is often labeled as "straight cut." How interesting!